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Foreign Conspiracies in the Scientific-Cultural Centers

part 2

imam khomeini

The biggest safeguards for Islam are these centers in which you are spending your lives and in which you are gaining education. These are the centers, on the welfare of which depends the welfare of the nation and with the destruction of which the nation will be led to destruction. Our youths and our children should open their eyes and their ears wide and big so that these devils do not mislead them; and so that they are not coerced everyday by them into creating chaos and leading protests. No matter where you are studying, wherever all our youths and children all over the country are studying, you should always keep in mind that no matter which educational centers you are attending, education must always be accompanied by ethics, moral commitment, and lofty human values in order to have a life worthy of a human being and to free our country and make us self-reliant. If you youths pursue education simply in order to gain a certificate or a degree to put at the disposal of your material needs, this is exactly the deviation that they are aiming at. And if those of you who are studying in these centers adhere to the right trend of thought and follow a desirable goal and pursue your education in order to attain to this goal and to reach the aim that Allah, the Almighty, wants us to - which is purification of the soul and the sole worship of Allah and warding off all kinds of polytheism, deviations, and atheism from yourselves and from your centers - you will emerge victorious. All the deviation and all the problems that a country faces are because its centers of learning and education are not centers that teach moral virtues. And this applies for both the traditional schools of learning and the modern schools. So long as there is no ethical development and moral commitment and if man has not found his path at the onset, i.e. his Straight Path, and if his education is not abiding by the pure Islamic trend of thought this itself will cause deviation and this is what causes us and the Islamic countries to incline either towards the left or towards the right; either towards communism or towards the commands of America. These trends begin from the schools. They begin from the schools and the universities. They intend that whatever is achieved in our universities, schools, and secondary schools and whatever is achieved by the prolonged struggle of this nation and our youth should be to their benefit.

   I wonder if you heard what this man “Hyamid”‌[1] who they showed on television last night said on radio and television! If you haven’t heard him yourself, ask those who have heard him and (see for yourself) how and with what tricks those criminal hands drag our educated youth into their traps. And the youths who should be the capital for their own country and who should endeavor towards the progress of their own nation are ensnared by them and are forced to struggle against their own interests. This is only one instance that you have witnessed; there are many such cases.

This is because this trend was covertly rampant in the previous regime. Our universities were encouraged to follow this trend.

To corrupt our young children right from the time they entered kindergarten schools up to the time that our talented youths who are the capital of this nation left the universities. Plans were to bring them up in a manner that would leave them totally influenced either by Moscow or by Washington. Such was the case and now that you dear young ones and all the school and university students want to take the reins of your country into your own hands, to protect its independence, to attain freedom, and to stride on the path of humanity and to reach human perfection and to attain to the goal of the creation of mankind, these devils are struggling to lead you astray.


Aims of the Foreign Agents: Deviation of the Youth and Intensification of Differences

Those who step into schools, and with their misleading propaganda compel our youths to act against what they learn through education and do not want them to get educated and do not want them to grow up into youths who are assets for their own country, find various excuses to drag them into staging protests and into differences and then stand aside and laugh at you and at us. Their attempts to re-open the universities before any proper planning was done were because they wanted to tender our society the same former conditions that prevailed when people like them were in power in those days. That is what they wanted. And they enter the kindergartens and the secondary schools with their own propaganda and their own instigation in order to compel our youths and our children to involve themselves in violence and fights instead of seeking education and instead of involving themselves in the purification of the soul, and instead of imparting Islamic ethics, leave them to face corruption, which is nothing but their former strategy. Our children, our youths, all of them – both boys as well as girls – should put in all their efforts to recognize them and to understand what their aims are. They should recognize who those people were in the former days. They should know that they are busy causing corruption behind the scenes while our youths from the army and the revolutionary guards and the gendarmerie and all sections of people, tribes, and others are busy sacrificing themselves in the war centers and at the battlefronts. (While) they are busy helping their lords and masters. They should know that they are supported by the foreign radio stations and by all the corrupt radio stations while the Islamic Republic is condemned by them. And they want to eliminate the Islamic Republic. In the same manner that Saddam and other such deviants have attacked our country and have started war. They are also waging the same war although in a different form in the schools, the colleges, and the universities. They are all foreign agents and you should stay very alert, wherever you are, on these matters lest you suddenly open your eyes and find that you have been deceived; in the same manner that “Hamؤ«d”‌ confessed last night. May Allah protect you for the future of this country! May Allah guide our youth on the right path and may He place us at the service of Islam and our Islamic country!

Source: imam-khomeini.com

Footnote: [1] A member of one of the anti-Islamic revolutionary groups who exposed the anti-human and anti-national policies of his group in a public confession.

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