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Foreign Conspiracies in the Scientific-Cultural Centers

Part 1


Date: January 22, 1981 [Bahman 2, 1359 AHS / Rabl-Awwal 15, 1401 AH]

Place: Jamaran, Tehran

Subject: Foreign Conspiracies instigating deviation in the scientific-cultural centers of the country

Audience: General public (Various strata of people), revolutionary guards heading for the battlefront, and school students from Tehran



In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Significance of the Birth of the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH)

We are approaching a blessed day and an auspicious ‘ؤھd on which the greatest personality of the universe came into this world for the salvation of mankind and to bring about the most supreme transformation ever as well as the auspicious birthday of his grand-son Imؤپm Sؤپdiq (‘a) who furthered the cause of religion and presented true Islam to mankind. (They brought about) transformation from various kinds of polytheism, atheism, fire-worshipping, and all sorts of deviation to stability, monotheism, and worship of the Supreme God; right in the heart of where idols and idol-worshipping had replaced monotheism and the rule of God and where fire-worshipping had replaced the worship of the Almighty God.

   It is an auspicious day that we are approaching and is a day which heralds man to the call of resistance and towards guidance unto the Straight Path for mankind. And the followers of that great one [the Prophet (s)] are those who follow the same path and tread in the same footprints and first begin with themselves and then go on to others. You young students and all you dear ones who have come here from all corners are the hope of this nation and are expected to complete this mission that has been placed before you. And to continue this movement for which countless sacrifices have been made. This is the Straight Path that the prophets of God (‘a) have placed before mankind. This is the path that the gracious Prophet of Allah (s), the last of the prophets, and the most noble of them all has placed before mankind and he has invited them to this Straight Path and has guided them to the path of humanity and towards freedom from all kinds of disbelief and atheism and freedom from all forms of darkness to the Absolute Light. You young ones should pursue the same path in order to be the followers of the noble Prophet (s) as well as the worthy followers of Imؤپm Sؤپdiq’s (‘a) school of thought.

The Sway of Imperialism from Kindergarten to University

   My dear ones! Those who have gone astray and those who want this religion to fail in its mission and those who have faced humiliation at the hands of the school of Islam and those who see the religion of Islam as being against their personal interests as well as the interests of their lords and masters are first aiming to bring about deviation within the schools in which our children, our youths, as well as our adolescents are seeking to gain perfection. They are lurking for the opportunity to bring about deviation in schools which are the fountainheads of all progress and to lead astray our adolescent youths who should be carrying this country towards its optimum growth and who should rescue it from the clutches of strangers. And that is why you can see that the primary schools right up to the university have become their centers of conspiracy and you are their targets and they want to lead you astray from the precious path of Islam; and to turn the universities and the secondary schools and the primary schools and all the centers of education and moral training into centers in which, if education is offered, it would only be for the benefit of the superpowers. And that whatever is gained in those places and in those sacred centers is to the benefit of the superpowers. They begin right from the kindergarten and as our youth and our children move forward they have plans to chase them there. The kindergarten schools, right up to the universities, are under the detestable sway of imperialism and they know very well that if they manage to lead these youths away from the straight path and from the Path of Allah, they will attain to their wicked goals. And that is why their attempts and their targets begin with the kindergartens and continue up to the universities. And those centers which should be used exclusively for social welfare – for spiritual welfare in society and for material welfare in society and to secure the future of our beloved country - are dragged by them into corruption and then they stand aside and watch our youths because these misled ones have done their job and want to spread corruption at your hands.


National Welfare Depends on Welfare of the Centers of Learning

You youths all over the country, right from the kindergarten school levels in which children study, up to the universities which should be the centers for education, learning, and morals should stay alert and should protect these centers from corruption. For those who enter these centers and are involved in propagation activities, you should - our youths should, the teachers of these youths should - check out what their backgrounds have been and where they stand today and what was their thinking in the past and what they are actually propagating. Today your nation, your country is the target of conspiracies. This is because your country has caused great damage to the interests of the superpowers and has brought about such humiliation to those big powers and their roots of corruption that they will not rest until they revert it back, or so they think, to its former state and into corruption. And they know that if they manage to mislead our children right from the beginning, this deviation will stay with them for life. And that if they lead our adolescents astray this nation will be led astray. And that if they deviate our secondary schools and our universities this country will be deviated.

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