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Imam Khomeini’s Literary Works and Compilations

part 6



A compendium of decrees issued by Imam Khomeini in response to religious questions by the people in various chapters of fiqh, especially in respect of current issues. So far, two volumes of these, have been issued by the Publications section of the Society of Teachers of the Qum theological assembly (1336 & 1372) (=1957 & 1993)



Imam Khomeini has composed mystic, political and social poetry since his adolescent years. Unfortunately, a greater part of these poems have been lost while changing residences, or in raids of agents of Savak on the house and library of the Imam, and or by other causes. Since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, he has composed poems in the form of lyric, quatrain, rubae couplets....etc.

A collection of his recent poems together with a number of older poems that were remained, were published in a book entitled Divan-e Imam. Before this, a number of the Imams compositions had been published under titles of Mahram-e-Raz The confidant, The Decanter of Love and Turning Point (noqtaiye Atfe).

In the introduction to the Divan, comprehensive information is given re mode of composition of verses and their styles and dates. In the addendum to the Divan, the technical and literary arts and particulars are given. This work was published, for the first time, in an attractive form, in (1372= 1993) by this Institute and has many reprints. This institute has also published a glossary of the Erfanic expressions of the Imam entitled Glossary of the Imams Divan.



Imam Khomeini had written letters to his kin containing ethical reminders, Erfanic and educational points, samples of which have appeared in books like The confidant the way of Love and The Turning Point published by the Institute for Compilation and Publication of the Works of Imam Khomeini, and also, in the book Divine Graces, Published by Bonyade Shahid.



(A collection of political, and social works of Imam Khomeini)

In addition to books such as KashfulAsrar Islamic Rule, and Political and Divine Testament, Imam Khomeini has presented his opinions, political, social and religious guide lines within hundreds of sermons, messages, decrees and letters in the course of years of challenge before and since the victory of the Revolution. These guide lines have been published in various forms under scores of headings.

The 22-volume of Sahifa Noor, plus one volume entitled Key to the Sahifa is the most comprehensive or thorough book, so far published. In this book, said works are arranged chronologically. There are, as yet, many unpublished letters, decrees and statements that will take several volumes.

The most complete edition of the political and social works of Imam Khomeini will be soon, published by the institute For Compilation and Publication of the Works of Imam Khomeini. There exist, up to now, 1126 speeches, over 470 decrees and commands, 367 letters, to political and religious personalities abroad, 420 letters tO political and religious personalities at home, and more than 350 messages, which will, be published gradually, in collections under the general title of Kowthar together with descriptions and explications for each work. Of this collection, so far, five volumes, amounting to 3200 pages (including, Kowthar-summary of the Imams statements from the beginning to his ascension, in two volumes, and Kowthar, -description of the Islamic Revolutions events from the start to Esfand 1357 (March 1978) in 3 volumes) have been published. Meanwhile the magazine Hozur year 1371 (1992), issue Nos. 5 and 6 in an article on Imam Khomeinis Bibliography, has given the particulars of more than 230 titles of the works of the Imam and of works related to Imams life and challenges, as well as, introduction to his thoughts.



This is the most everlasting message of Imam Khomeini addressed to the Present and future generations. In it, Imam Khomini, while stating his rightful opinions, has penned his most important views, opinions and warnings re the political and social problems of the Islamic communities and of the human society, in the form of supported documentary analysis and well-wishing remindings. This work has, so far, been published in millions of copies, by various publishers, organs, Revolutionary Institutions and foundations, and by followers of His Holiness, and it has been translated in different languages too.

The most recent edition of the Testament has been published by the Institute For Compilation and Publication of the Works of Imam Khomeini which, in addition to complete text of the Will, and complete photo copy of the original Farsi manuscript, some explanations re the history of the writing of the Will and a review of its contents, together with topical classification of them and guide lists are printed under the title of A Review of the Political-Divine Testament by subject matters.

Sources: imam-khomeini.com

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