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What poets say about love

part 16


Oh! she was good as she was fair.

  None””none on earth above her!

As pure in thought as angels are,

  To know her was to love her.

        Samuel Rogers””Jacqueline. Pt. I. L. 68.             291

Love is the fulfilling of the law.

        Romans. XIII. 10.             292

Trust thou thy Love: if she be proud, is she not sweet?

  Trust thou thy love: if she be mute, is she not pure?

Lay thou thy soul full in her hands, low at her feet””

  Fail, Sun and Breath!””yet, for thy peace, she shall endure.

        Ruskin””Trust Thou Thy Love.    293

  Whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God.

        Ruth. I. 16.            294

Et l’on revient toujours à ses premiers amours.

  One always returns to his first love.

        St. Just.     295

L’amour est un égoïsme à deux.

  Love is an egotism of two.

        Antoine de Salle.              296

  Thy love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women.

        II Samuel. I. 26.    297

Raum ist in der kleinsten Hütte

Für ein glücklich liebend Paar.

  In the smallest cot there is room enough for a loving pair.

        Schiller””Der Jüngling am Bache. St. 4.              298

Arm in Arm mit dir,

So fordr’ ich mein Jahrhundert in die Schranken.

  Thus Arm in Arm with thee I dare defy my century into the lists.

        Schiller””Don Carlos. I. 9. 97.     299

Ah, to that far distant strand

  Bridge there was not to convey,

Not a bark was near at hand,

  Yet true love soon found the way.

        Schiller””Hero and Leander. Bowring’s trans.    300

O dass sie ewig grünen bliebe,

Die schöne Zeit der jungen Liebe.

  O that it might remain eternally green,

  The beautiful time of youthful love.

        Schiller””Lied von der Glocke.    301

Ich habe genossen das irdische Glück,

Ich habe gelebt und geliebt.

  I have enjoyed earthly happiness,

  I have lived and loved.

        Schiller””Piccolomini. III. 7. 9.    302

Mortals, while through the world you go,

  Hope may succor and faith befriend,

Yet happy your hearts if you can but know,

  Love awaits at the journey’s end!

        Clinton Scollard””The Journey’s End””Envoy.              303

And love is loveliest when embalm’d in tears.

        Scott””Lady of the Lake. Canto IV. St. 1.          304

In peace, Love tunes the shepherd’s reed;

In war, he mounts the warrior’s steed;

In halls, in gay attire is seen;

In hamlets, dances on the green.

Love rules the court, the camp, the grove,

And men below, and saints above;

For love is heaven, and heaven is love.

        Scott””Lay of the Last Minstrel. Canto III. St. 2.           305

Her blue eyes sought the west afar,

For lovers love the western star.

        Scott””Lay of the Last Minstrel. Canto III. St. 24.         306

True love’s the gift which God has given

To man alone beneath the heaven.

    *    *    *    *    *

It is the secret sympathy,

The silver link, the silken tie,

Which heart to heart, and mind to mind,

In body and in soul can bind.

        Scott””Lay of the Last Minstrel. Canto V. St. 13.          307

Where shall the lover rest,

  Whom the fates sever

From his true maiden’s breast,

  Parted for ever?

Where, through groves deep and high,

  Sounds the far billow,

Where early violets die,

  Under the willow.

        Scott””Marmion. Canto III. St. 10.         308

  Magis gauderes quod habueras, quam moereres quod amiseras.

  Better to have loved and lost, than not to have loved at all. (Free trans.)

        Seneca””Epistles. 99.       309

Odit verus amor nec patitur moras.

  True love hates and will not bear delay.

        Seneca””Hercules Furens. 588.    310

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