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The Greatest Deed

respect parents

God has created the world in a way that one could find the key to success, and reach eternal happiness.

One of the keys to happiness, both in this world and in the world-after is to treat one’s parents with respect and to please them.

This has several advantages in one’s life, like;

1. To respect one’s parents, makes up for their sins

A man asked Prophet Muhammad, “I have committed a sin. How can I pay for it?”‌

“Are your parents alive?”‌ Prophet Muhammad asked.

“My father is alive,”‌ said he.

“Be nice with your father,”‌ said Prophet Muhammad, “This will make up for your sins.”‌

The point is that one does not need to be cruel to his parents to be considered a sinner; just not being nice to one’s parents is a huge sin. God will never forgive this sin and He will punish people for this. Being nice to parents also sends away one’s sins and causes God to have mercy on him.

2. God rewards it as much as He rewards pilgrimage to Mecca

Each Muslim aspires to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca. God has appointed some other good deeds that will be rewarded as much as pilgrimage to Mecca. One of these good deeds is having respect for one’s parents.

Prophet Muhammad said, “In return for each affectionate look a child casts on his parents, God will reward him as much as He rewards pilgrimage to Mecca.”‌

“What if he looks at his parents a hundred times a day?

“Each look has a reward as much as a Mecca pilgrimage,”‌ said Prophet Muhammad.

3. The pleasure of parents is the pleasure of God

Each believer wishes to make God pleased in his life. One of the things that pleases God, is the pleasure of one’s parents.

Prophet Muhammad said in this regard, “God is happy when parents are happy and he is angry when they are angry.”‌

4. Angels pray for people who respect their parents

Prophet Muhammad said, “God has two angels. One of them says, ‘God! Reward those who are nice to their parents.’ And the other one says, ‘God! Kill the one who treats his parents unfairly.’”‌

5. One’s wealth and honour increases

Everyone likes to have a long life and lots of wealth. In order for this to happen, one should act based on the rules of God and his Prophet. One of these commands is to have respect for one’s parents.

Prophet Muhammad said, “If someone is nice to his parents, I guarantee that he will live a long and wealthy life and he will be loved by all.”‌

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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