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The Best Deeds


One gains perfection by getting close to God. The closer one gets to God, the most perfect his soul becomes, until he reaches a state that he can pay attention to nothing, but to God.

Quoting Prophet Muhammad, Imam Sadiq said, the Prophet of God believed that the obligations God has ordained were the best deeds ever and doing them could get one closest to God.

If people do the things God has recommended, God will love them. He will become their ears to hear with, their eyes to see with, their tongues to speak with, and their hands to work with. God will fulfill their wishes and grant them whatever they ask for.

The first thing one should do in order to get closer to God, is to let go of the worldly desires and to keep the pleasure of God in mind all the time.

As long as Imam Mahdi is not present, one should be very careful as there are two possibilities for human beings during this time; first, one can get to a desirable spiritual position by doing good deeds, and secondly, one may fall to the meanest positions by deviating from the right path.

 According to Ayatollah Bahjat, one cannot gain high positions just by talking. The difference between us and highly virtuous people like Seyyed Razi, Seyed Morteza, and Sheikh Mofid, is that they acted based on what they knew, while we just talk about it. They were the men of action and we are men of words. That could be because of their strong faith and our weak faith, as the real believers in God do everything they could, just to get closer to Him.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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