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part 1

Name                              Meaning


Afareen               Praise; also means to create

afsAneh                       A fairy tale

afsar                                Crown

afshAn                           To sprinkle

afsoon              Charm, spell, bewitchment

aghigh (A)           Name of a stone

Ahou/Ahoo                   Deer

akhtar                Star; also name of a flower

akram (A)                Honourable; great

AlAleh                           A flower

AnAhitA                  Goddess of water

anusheh/anoosheh        Happy, fortunate

ArA                       Ornament, decoration

Arezoo Wish

arghavAn             Redish Purple

armaghAn           Gift

ashraf (A)            Nobler or Noblest

AsA        Like, similar to

asal        Honey

Assieh   The name of Pharoah's wife who educated Moses

Atefeh (A)          Affection

atifeh (A)             ???

AtoosA Name of an Iranian princess

AvA        Voice,call

Avizeh  A pendant

AzAdeh                Free

Azin       Accessories (usually jewlery)

AzitA     Name of an Iranian princess

Azar       Fire, 9th month of the Iranian calendar


BahAr    Spring (season)

BahArak               Small Spring (season)

BahAreh              Someone who brings the spring (or a sprint flower)

BahAmin/BahAmeen     Spring

Banafsheh          A flower (Violet)

BAnou  Lady

BeetA/BitA         Unique

BehnAz                Best coquetry

Behrokh               Best face

BehbahA             Best price

Bolour   Crystal

Bousseh               Kiss


ChalipA Cross


DaryA    Sea

DelArAm              Quiet-hearted

Delbar   Charming, Sweetheart, heart-ravisher

Delkash                Fascinating, attractive

DeenA/DinA      Dinah; also means judge

DonyA  World

Dorri      A sparkling star glittering like a gem


EhterAm (A)       Respect

ElAheh (A)          Goddess

ElhAm (A)            Inspiration, revelation

ElnAz     ???


Fakhri (A)            Glory

Farah (A)             Joy, hapiness, cheerfulness

FarahnAz             Joy

Farangis               A female character in Shahnameh

FaribA           Charming, enticing

Farideh         Unique, precious

Farkhondeh       Happy, joyous

Farrin        Glorified

FarzAneh             Wise

FarAnak               A character in Shahnameh, Fereidoun's mother

FarnAz                Splendid coquetry, glorious coquetry

FAtemeh (A)      The name of Mohammad's daughter

Fereshteh           Angel

FilA            Lover

Firouzeh/Feerouzeh      Turquoise

FojAn/FozhAn        A loud voice or sound

Forough               Brightness

ForouzAn            Shining

Forouzandeh     Shining


GelAreh               Eyes

Ghamzeh            Coquetry

GhAssedak           A flower (Dandelion)

GhazAl                   Gazelle

GhazAleh            Gazelle

Ghodsi             Holy, sacred, angel

Ghoncheh           Bud of the flower

Gisou/Geesou       Women's hair,ringlet,tress

GitA/GuitA         A kind of song

Giti/Guiti             World, universe

GolbahAr             Spring flower

Goli             Rose-colored, rosy

GolnAr             Flower of the Pomegranate tree

GolnAz             Cute like a flower

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