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God, the Provider


God has said in Qur’an that he would provide people with whatever they need.

One of the common mistakes among people is that they think this divine promise means that He would give us properties and money. We think people have a lot when they have lots of money and we envy them, while the Qur’an says that there are other bounties in addition to money and material possessions such as guidance, leadership, education, faith, a good spouse, good children, great parents, peace, hope, security, health, and sanity.

These are things God bestows upon the people. A lot of people have lots of capital, but they lack a good family and envy others for having what they lack. Many wealthy people have different illnesses or feel no love towards their spouse. Money cannot replace everything.

Many verses of the Qur’an talk about God as The Provider. If it is true that God is responsible for our livelihood, then what is the use in trying to get to a better economic situation?

If we think more about the meaning of the verses of the Qur’an, we will find out that God provides us with the means; we still need to try to use them to earn for our living.

God sometimes let people, who do not try much, to earn and He sometimes denies from the hardworking people, in order to remind them of a higher power present in the world.

There are things that make people lose the opportunity of gaining; one of those is committing a sin. Other instances are, not saying one’s prayers, disrespect for parents, and earning unlawful money.

Imam Reza says, “God said to one of the prophets that He would be pleased by obedience, and this pleasure ends in endless bounties.”‌

People, who obey God’s commands, definitely are awarded by God. Maybe they do not have much money, but they are absolutely privileged in other aspects of life, like having a good mentor, a loyal spouse, etc.

God can provide for anyone He wills and He can deny from anyone He wills. But it depends on people themselves. There is a reason for everything God does.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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