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The Shortest Path to God

allah is great

Books have been written about theology and it has always been a controversial matter. Different people choose different paths in order to get to this truth.

But the best way among them all is intuition or the inwardly path. Therefore, one should look inward and listen to the inner voice.

To be able to hear this voice, one needs to contemplate on the following matter:

1.Scientists maintain that even if someone is isolated in a manner is not taught any lessons in religion or so, still he/she will feel a strong supernatural force that rules the universe. He/she will hear a voice from within which calls him upon a great and strong source of knowledge and strength. That is what we call God.

2.The troubles of everyday life could prevent one from hearing this inner voice. But once hazards like a flood, an earthquake, a storm, etc. happen and man finds himself without any refuge, this inner voice becomes louder in his heart. A sense of strength from within calls upon him; a mysterious power that can easily solve any problem. You can hardly find someone who does not feel the same in times of trouble. This proves that we are very close to God and that He is very close to us. He is present inside us. This voice is inside us always and forever too, but it becomes stronger in hardships.

3.There have been people throughout history who would not even talk about God in times of peace. This very people would hear their inner voice and they would ask God for help in times of trouble: When Pharaoh was stuck among wild waves and was about to sink, he cried, “I admit that there are no gods but the God of Muses.”‌ This cry came from his heart. Not only Pharaoh, but everyone in the same situation, can hear this voice clearly.

4. Even if you look inside to your heart, you will admit that there is a light there, leading you towards God. You might have been in difficult situations when you felt nothing in the world could help you out of that situation. In those moments, you have probably thought about a supreme power that could easily solve the problem. Hope comes to one’s heart along with the love of God in such moments and sends away despair.

This is the closest path towards God that everyone could find inside.  

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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