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Why to Read about Ashura: Remarks of Martyr Avini about Ashura

imam hussein (a.s)

Why is Karbala so inspiring for the people? What secret is latent in it that moves the hearts of people? What is the motivation behind the battle of Ashura, which is still alive after centuries?

We all know the answer to these questions in our hearts, even if we cannot express it. It is like there is an unwritten agreement that keeps our hearts warm for good. We all understand the Great Spirit involved in this epic event and this spirit keeps alive the passion of battle. That is why we have always been strong and firm, although we are the minority. Why do we need to read about it if we all feel it?

What actually were the goals of this battle? How important it is for us to know the answer to this question? Do we really need to make a meaning out of this event for ourselves? Why do we need to know about the main goals of Ashura?

The answer to these questions is that if we do not know the reasons for this battle, we might not be able to understand its message. We could burry its beautiful and adoring ideals in the cemetery of habits. If this happens, we will deviate from the right path.

The event of Karbala has had many deep and inspiring effects, but in order to be able to take the most out of it, we need to be aware of the goals of Karbala and to be committed to the covenant of Ashura.

The best way to do that is to read the writings of great people of our history, like Martyr Morteza Avini, about the event of Ashura.

Let’s read some statements by Martyr Avini about Ashura, in order to get a new outlook towards this event:

- The army of Yazid thought that they could bury the cry of “Who is there to assist?”‌ of Imam Hussein in Karbala, and to slaughter the truth. But they did not know that God has created the believers with the soil of Karbala and with the love towards the martyrs of Ashura. The believers will always be inherently connected to Ashura and those who have the ability to listen to and to follow their heartfelt inspiration will inevitably get to Karbala. Everyone can hear the cry of Imam Hussein if they listen to their inner voice.

- The truth is that even angels prostrated to Imam Hussein. If angels prostrated to Adam, it was because they knew Hussein will be his descendent in the future. This is an eternal promise God made men to give, to assist Hussein and to love him.

- Man could gain eternal happiness only if he could let go of his worldly attachments. A great example of this is the event of Karbala. Imam Hussein embraced the hardships with open arms, and we need to continue his way.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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