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Devotion to Hussein

imam hussein’s shrine

One cannot understand the depth of the devotion to Imam Hussein unless he becomes a devotee. The devotees do not talk about their devotion with people who are not among them.

In a terrestrial journey, it is feet and legs that are hurt, but in celestial journey it is hearts which get hurt. If a heart does not cry and anguish when thinking about the fate of Hussein, it is even hard to call it a heart, for heart is the means for cognition through intuition.

But, what do we expect from Imam Hussein? What is the nexus between devotees and Hussein? The secret is our devotion to him; our affection towards him.

Have you ever thought about it? Where in our beliefs should the devotion to Hussein stand?

In answer to a question, Imam Sadiq (A.S) said: “Our religion is nothing but devotion to and disavowal from others?”‌ Saying this, he is actually emphasizing on the importance of this matter, and introducing religion as a body of likes and dislikes.

True love, makes the lover closer to the beloved. Being connected more to the heart than to the reason, love and affection could affect other aspects of religion too, making them weaker or stronger. Therefore, in order to stay in the right path, we need to be very careful about our likes and dislikes, as a small mistake could have irreparable consequences.

The devotion to Imam Hussein has great affects on people. The more honest our affection towards him, the more benefits we get. That is the case for affection towards all the Imams. That is what Imam Mahdi (A.S) has asked for too.

Affection towards Imam Hussein makes one closer to God. Devotees of Imam Hussein are here to assist him and to ask for his assistance.

In order to get to Karbala, one should leave behind the worldly attachments and the limitations of time and space. Only selfless people can find the affection of Imam Hussein inside. Only one can be a devotee of Hussein who lets go of the things he likes because of God.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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