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Sunnis’ view of the mourning for Imam Hussain A.S


The scholars of the four sects of Sunni  denounced the action of Yazid and praise the work of Imam Hussein (A.S). They do not have any problems with the mourning for Imam Hussein, but they differ over how the Shiite Muharram ceremonies should be held. The difference is that the event is held with seriousness among the Shiites, but among the Sunnis very normally.

For the four sects of the Sunni-Hanafi, Shafei, Maliki, and Hanbali- the love and hatred of prophet to them, is very important. So, on the basis of the hadith says: “Hussein is from me and I am from Hussein”‌ (Holy Prophet),  they like Imam Hussein.  These four sects of Sunnism have various narrations and hadiths related to uprising in Karbala. They support Imam Hussein’s movement and curse Yazid. Unfortunately with the Wahhabi sect growing infiltration in the Hanbali, there are sometimes disagreements at the face with Ashura.  

Imam Hussein (A.S) and his movement in the view of western great figures

Ashura movement’s impact on non-muslims

Shiite Ashura mourning not only has a great impact on Sunnis but also Hindu, Christians, Buddhists and other religions and sects and also causes the great movements and revolutions.


Among the non-muslim great figures who were impressed by the character and personality of Imam Hussein, there were Mahatma Gandhi (Indian Great Revolution Leader), Prof. Edward Browne (famous orientalist), Washington Irving (American author and historian), Thomas Masaryk (Czechoslovak  philosopher), Jeorge Jordac (Christian thinker), Anton Bara, Thomas Carlyle (Scottish author), Anton Bara (Christian thinker), Feredrich Jemes (Thinker), Maurice de Cobra (Thinker), and Charles Dickens (famous English writer).

Source (Farsi): "Global mourning for Imam Hussein (A.S)" by Safieh Rezaei

Translated into English: M. R. Sameti

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