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  • 11/28/2011

150,000 Iran missiles awaiting the Zionist regime

iran’s defense minister brigadier general ahmad vahidi

Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi says Iran will teach the Zionist regime a good lesson if the entity tries to attack the Islamic Republic.

According to Fars News Agency, Vahidi said on Sunday that Israel will not have a minimal chance of survival after venturing a military attack against Iran, as Iranian armed forces will pound all of Israel with thousands of missiles.

He added, “The enemy must answer this question, if it attacks Iran, for how long a battle and losing how many of its warships and vessels has it prepared itself?”‌

The Iranian defense minister asked “Why is the Zionist regime making threats (against Iran)? How many missiles have they prepared themselves for? 10,000? 20,000? 50,000? 100,000? 150,000 or more?".

He advised the US and its allies to realize Iran’s incredible might and know that in the event of a war the Islamic Republic will teach the Americans what war really is and what soldiers are supposed to be like.

Vahidi said Iranian armed forces will not hesitate to defend the country’s sovereignty, adding that if the Zionist regime decides to carry out its threats against Iran, Basij forces will take out revenge [on the entity] for years of bullying oppressed nations.”‌

Source: irib.ir

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