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Maxims of Imam Hussein A.S

part 5


61 - O' God! , you know my revolt against the rule of Bani Umayyah did not stem from any greed for power, or for taking revenge. I stood against the tyrant of my time to reveal the genuine image of your divine religion , and to make social reforms in order to save the oppressed and pave the way for them to act according to your rules. And you people! If you don't support us and treat us fairly , tyrants and oppressors will dominate you to blow out divine illumination. Surely God Almighty is our strong supporter, upon whom we rely , from whom we seek help , and towards whom is our return. (Biharol Anwar, Vol. 97 , P. 80)


62 - Thanks to God , whatever God wills will happen , there is no power except stemming from Allah ( God ). Death has been written on the son of Adam( human being ) in such a suitable way like the elegance of a necklace around the neck of a young girl. I am so eager to meet my ancestors like the enthusiasm of Jacob to see Joseph. The divine fate has destined for me a place of killing to which I have to go. As if ( I can see ) my body parts and members are torn between Nawawis and Karbala to quench there thirst and hanger by killing me. There is no escape from such a divine fate. We, the household of the Prophet , are subservient to whatever God has destined us. We will be patient on this calamity which he has planned for us. Of course his Almighty will give us the reward of the patients. We are (A.S.) the body parts of the Prophet (S.A.W.) and his body parts will not separate from him. We will be surrounding the Prophet (S.A.W.) in the Paradise. By our departure from this world the Prophet (S.A.W.) will be delighted. The promises that have been given to us will be fulfilled. Now, whoever among us is ready for martyrdom and has prepared himself for death and is fond of meeting God, will move with us. We will set out tomorrow; God willing. (Biharol Anwar, Vol. 44 , P. 366)


63 - O' people do know that this world is a mortal/house. (Nasikh al- Tawarikh, Vol. 6 , Part. 2 , P. 243)


64 - I do not know companions more loyal and better than my companions ,neither do I know a household more honourable and passionate than my household. May the Almighty rewards you for the favors you have done me. (Biharol Anwar, Vol. 44, P. 392)


65 - The Almighty God elevates His worshippers for their patience in enduring difficulties. (Biharol Anwar, Vol. 45 , P. 90)


66 - Know that Surely the world's sweetness and bitterness are all (nothing but ) dreams. Awareness is solely in the hereafter. The winner is the one who wins the other world and the wretched is the one who becomes wretched in it (the hereafter). (Biharol Anwar, Vol. 45 , P. 91)


67 - Praise to God who created the world and made it a mortal, unstable and uncertain house the residents of which keep changing and under going ups and downs , wretched and miserable are those who are deceived by the fleeting and transient pleasures and attractions of this world. (Biharol Anwar, Vol. 45 , P. 5)


68 - No way ! By God I will never surrender to them like a humiliated person and never pledge allegiance to them like slaves." I seek refuge to my God from you stoning me to death"."I seek refuge to my God and your God from any arrogant who does not believe in the day of Resurrection ". (Biharol Anwar, Vol. 45, P. 7)


69 - Be patient O ' the son of the nobles. Death is only a bridge which takes you from misery and loss to the vast Paradise and the eternal graces. Then , is there anyone among you who dislikes to be transferred from a prison to a palace? For your enemies death is the opposite , it is like being transferred from a palace to a prison to be tortured. As my father quoted the Prophet (S.A.W.) as saying: " Surely, this world is a prison for the believer and a Paradise for the infidel." Death is a bridge to take some to their Paradise and some to their hell. I have never told lies and never was told lies. (Biharol Anwar, Vol. 44 , P. 297)


70 - Yazid , the natural son of an illegitimate has placed me in a dilemma , drawing my sword and fighting or being humiliated by allegiance to him. But it is impossible for us to be humiliated, God , his messenger , the believers, my respectable family would not prefer obedience to mean people. To dying with glory. (Biharol Anwar, Vol. 45 , P. 83)


71 - Those who seek to win God's favor and satisfaction, no matter if it evokes people's wrath, God will make them dispense with people. But those who win contentment of people at the cost of enraging God , the Almighty will make them dependent upon people. (Biharol Anwar, Vol. 78 , P. 126)


72 - Best of wealth is that with which one protects his fame and dignity. (Biharol Anwar, Vol. 44 , P. 195)


73 - Swear by God , I did not rise against the tyrannical rule of Bani Umayyah out of selfishness or with the aim of oppression or corruption. My revolt only aimed at reviving the religion of my grandfather , the holy Muhammad (S.A.W.) and the traditions of my father Ali ibn-Abi Talib (A.S.) , to enjoy good and forbid evil. So, whoever accepts me by accepting the truth , surely God rewards him for supporting the truth. And whoever rejects me , I will be patient until God judges between me and these people justly. Surely , His Almighty is the Best Judge of the judges. (Biharol Anwar Vol. 44 ", P 329)


74 - ( Since the world is mortal,) imagine as if there has been no world from the beginning ; and ( since the here after is eternal ) as if it has ever been existing. (Biharol Anwar, Vol. 45 , P. 87)


75 - Swearing by my own soul: Imam can be nobody except the one who rules according to Quran , rises for justice, affiliates to the true religion and contains himself to all that for the sake of God. (Biharol Anwar, Vol. 44 , P. 334)

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