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The Greatest Jihad:Combat with the Self

Selected Quotations (9)


*   Before you loose hold of the reins of your self, develop and reform yourself!

*  Adorn yourselves with good traits, and remove your vices! Be sincere in your lessons and discussions, so that you may approach God!

*   If one does not have good intentions, one will be kept far from the divine precincts.

*   Establish some order and discipline in the seminaries.

*   With love of self and position, with arrogance and pride, you cannot mount any resistance.

*  An evil scholar, a scholar who inclines toward the world, a scholar  who thinks of preserving his position and administrative post, will   not be able to combat the enemies of Islam.

*  Take a step for the sake of God. Dispel the love of the world from  your heart. Then you will be able to engage in combat.

Source:”‌‌ The Greatest Jihad”‌‌ by imam khomeini

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