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The Greatest Jihad:Combat with the Self

Selected Quotations (8)


*  Every step forward which you take in the acquisition of knowledge

should be matched by a step taken to beat down the desires of the soul, to strengthen one's spiritual powers, to acquire nobility of character, and to gain spirituality and piety [taqwd].

*   If you do not have a pure intention of approaching God, these

sciences will be of no benefit at all.

*    Try to reform and reine yourselves before you enter among the


*      You should refine yourselves, so that when you leave the seminary

and become the leader of a people in a city or district, they may proit from you, take advice from you, and reform themselves.

*    If due to your actions, deeds and unfair behavior, one person

looses his way and leaves Islam, you would be guilty of the greatest of the major sins

*   God forbid that before a person develops himself, that people

should pay heed to him, that he should become a personality and have inluence among the people, causing him to loose his soul.

Source:”‌‌ The Greatest Jihad”‌‌ by imam khomeini

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