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  • 1/18/2012

The Greatest Jihad:Combat with the Self

Selected Quotations (7)


*   In a soul which is unreined, knowledge is a dark cover.

*   Knowledge is light, but in a black corrupt heart it spreads wide the

skirts of darkness and blackness.

*    A knowledge which would draw man closer to God, in a worldly

soul brings him far distant from the place of the Almighty.

*    Even the knowledge of divine unity (tawhid), if it is for anything

other than God, it becomes a cover of darkness.

*    If man does not cast pollution from the core of his soul, not only

will whatever studying and learning he does be of no beneit by

itself, rather it will actually be harmful.

*  It is a corrupt 'dlim who corrupt the worlds.

*  If, God forbid, you fail to study, then it is forbidden for you to remain in the seminary.

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