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The Greatest Jihad:Combat with the Self

Selected Quotations (6)


*  The love for the servants of God is the shadow of that very love for God.

*    The noble Qur'an is a great divine trust. The 'ulamd and ruhdniyyun [clergy] are the bearers of the divine trust.

*   The responsibilities of the learned are very heavy; the 'ulamd have more duties than other people.

*    It is narrated that when the soul reaches the throat, there is no longer any chance for repentance and in that state one's repentance will not be accepted.

*   If an 'dlim is deviant, it is possible that the community will become infected by deviation.

*    If an 'dlim is refined, and he observes the morality and manners of Islam, he will refine and guide the community.

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