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The Greatest Jihad:Combat with the Self

Warnings to the Seminaries (5)


Do not set your hands on ire. Do not set ablaze the flames of hell. Hell is lit with the ugly works and deeds of man. These are the deeds of refractory man which set this ire. It is narrated: "I passed hell when it was extinguished." If a man does not light the ire by his works and deeds, hell will be extinguished.20 The interior of this disposition is hell. To approach this disposition is to approach hell. When man passes away from this world and the curtains are drawn aside, he will realize, "This is for what your own hands have sent before" (Q 3:182), and "and what they had done they shallind present" (Ql 8:49). All of the works and deeds and words of man will be relected in the other world. It is as if everything in our lives was being ilmed, and in that world ilm will be shown, and one will be able to deny none of it. All of our actions and movements will be shown to us, in addition to the testimony given by our limbs and organs: "They shall say: 'Allah who makes everything speak, has made us speak'" (Q 41:21). Before God, who will make all things able to speak and bear witness, you will not be able to deny your ugly deeds or hide them. Think a little, look ahead, weigh the consequences of your deeds, keep in mind the perilous events which take place ater death, the pressure of the grave, the world of barzakh (the period between death and resurrection), and do not neglect the difficulties which will follow that. At least believe in hell. If a man believes in the perilous events which take place ater death, he will change his way of life. If you had faith and certainty in these things, you would not live so freely and licentiously. You will try to guard you pen, your steps, and your tongue, in order to reform and purify yourselves.

Source:”‌‌ The Greatest Jihad”‌‌ by imam khomeini

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