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The Greatest Jihad:Combat with the Self

Warnings to the Seminaries (2)


However, if, contrary to what is expected, it is seen that instead of paying attention to metaphysics, all you care about is this world, and just like the others you try to gain worldly and personal interests, and you ight with one another for the sake of the world and its base pleasures, and you take Islam and the Qur'an, may Allah forbid it, as playthings, simply to reach sinister goals and your own dirty, disgraceful and worldly intentions, and you turn your religion into a market place, then the people will be turned away and become cynical. So, you will be responsible. If some of those who wear the turban and burden the seminaries ight and brawl with each other and malign and slander one another because of personal grudges and the pursuit of worldly interests, and rivalry over some positions, they commit some treason against Islam and the Qur'an and they violate the divine trust. God the Almighty has placed the holy religion of Islam in our hands as a trust. The noble Qur'an is a great divine trust. The 'ulamd and ruhdniyyim [clergy] are the bearers of the divine trust, and they bear the responsibility to protect that trust from betrayal. This stubbornness and personal and worldly antagonisms are treachery against Islam and the great Prophet of Islam.

I do not know what purpose is served by these oppositions, formations of cliques, and confrontations. If it is for the sake of the world, you do not have much of that! Supposing that you did beneit from pleasures and worldly interests, there would be no place for disagreements, unless you were not ruhani [spiritual, a cleric], and the only thing you inherited of ruhaniyyat [spirituality, being a cleric] was the robe and turban. A ruhani [a cleric] who is occupied with metaphysics, a ruhani who beneits from living teachings and reformative Islamic attributes, a ruhani who considers himself a follower of 'AH ibn Abl Talib, peace be with him, is not possibly tempted by the world, nor would he allow it to cause disagreements. You who have declared yourselves to be followers of the Commander of the Faithful, peace be with him, you should at least make a bit of research into the life of that great man, and see if you are really one of his followers! Do you know and practice anything of his asceticism, taqwd [piety, God-wariness] and simple unadorned life? Do you know anything of that great man's combat against oppression and injustice, and class differences, and of his unhesitating defense and support of

the oppressed and persecuted, of how he lent a hand to the dispossessed and suffering social classes? Have you put it into practice? Is the meaning of the "Shi'ite" nothing more than the ornamental appearances of Islam?19 Therefore, what is the difference between you and other Muslims, in virtue of which they are much further ahead and more advantageous than the Shi'ah? What distinguishes you over them?

Source:”‌‌ The Greatest Jihad”‌‌ by imam khomeini

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