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  • 10/29/2011

Italian pensioners protest in Rome

italians protesters

Italian pensioners have taken to the streets of Rome to protest against their government’s harsh austerity measures.

According to Press TV, thousands of pensioners gathered in a central square in Rome to voice their opposition to the government’s recent changes to the country’s pension plan.

The protests are a response to the recent decision by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his coalition partners, the Northern League, to increase Italy’s retirement age to 67 by 2025.

Italian workers are accusing the government of implementing reform measures too late and following instructions dictated by other European nations.

There is growing fear among EU leaders that Italy could be sucked into a crisis that has already claimed Greece, Ireland and Portugal.

Rome is facing a nearly two-trillion-euro debt that is 120 percent of its Gross Domestic Product.

Source: irib.ir

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