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  • 10/24/2011

Iran develops electromagnetic railgun

a slug hits a target after being fired from an electromagnetic railgun.

Iranian defense experts have developed a railgun that benefits from strong magnetic fields to accelerate a conductive projectile.

Among particular characteristics of the home-made, entirely-electrical gun are its high velocity, which makes its kinetic energy superior to the energy yield of an explosive-filled shell of greater mass, less bullet drop and less wind drift, Fars News Agency reported.

The advanced weapon, which does not use propellant and igniter, has a number of potential practical applications, and can be used to eliminate hazards to arms caches, oil and gas refineries, primary infrastructure and military bases.

The Iranian railgun also has the capability to fire 30 eight-millimeter steel bullets per minute. The gun, which shoots bullets at a velocity of 330 meters per second, needs only two seconds to recharge after each shot.

The large electric current that passes through the projectile interacts with the strong magnetic fields generated by the rails, making the silent and anti-explosion device a great option for surprising the enemy in the battlefield.

 Source: presstv.ir

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