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  • 10/19/2011

MENA developments rooted in injustice

iran’s majlis speaker ali larijani

Iran’s Majlis (parliament) speaker says recent political developments in the Middle East and North Africa have their roots in the injustice of governments and major powers.

According to IRNA, Larijani said on Tuesday, ”Corrupt dictatorships dependent on big powers have been the main cause of popular uprisings in all these countries.”‌

Addressing International Peace and Security Committee of the 125th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in the Swiss capital of Bern, he added that inattention to justice is root cause of all wars and conflicts.

He noted, ”When nations see double standards applied by major powers to nuclear technology, how the Zionist regime which owns nuclear weapons is supported and how Iran is treated for access to peaceful nuclear technology…they reach the conclusion that the international system is not based on justice.”‌

Larijani stated that international injustice is a fatal disease which has plagued the structure of the Security Council as a result of granting the veto right to world powers.

He said, ”When America and the West support dictatorial and corrupt governments for decades…like what happened in Egypt and Tunisia, they should not expect nations to ignore that injustice and not to blame it on America and the West”‌.

During the four-day IPU event in Bern, which started on Sunday, parliament representatives from more than 120 countries are scheduled to exchange views on a variety of political, economic and social issues.

Source: irib.ir 

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