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  • 10/16/2011

Worst is yet to come to US

suzy kassem

Suzy Kassem, Boston-based human rights activist and author of 'Rise Up and Salute the Sun' says if U.S. President Barack Obama does not address the protest crisis spreading throughout the country, ”the worst is yet to come.”‌

She said ”Right now the U.S. offers no job security. You have a lot of people who are working super-long hours and getting paid hardly anything.”‌

Kassem told Press TV’s  U.S. Desk on Saturday that she believes the ”depressing situation”‌ in the U.S. will be deteriorate in a few months.

She added ”Maybe after winter I think the real revolution can start. However I feel that right now the timing is perfect. We need to stand up now.”‌

Source: irib.ir

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