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Iranian inst. holds cancer fundraiser

iranian inst. holds cancer fundraiser

Iran’s Mahak charity institute, which supports children with cancer, has held its latest annual fundraiser in the Iranian capital city, Tehran, Press TV reports.

A group of Iranian charity organizations, companies and individuals participated in the two-day event, which aimed at collecting money for children with cancer in a charity market.

During the festival, the participants bought balloons in an auction to pay for the treatment of patients with cancer.

The price paid for every balloon varied from a single dollar to tens of thousands of dollars.

The authorities of the institute say that their efforts are not just limited to treating Iranian children.

The institute supports those children that are refugees from Iraq and Afghanistan, Parsa Salahshour-Fard, a board member of the Mahak Institute said, adding that children from other countries like Azerbaijan, Turkey, Ivory Coast and Armenia also come to the Mahak institute for treatment, which owns the biggest and the most advanced center for the treatment of children with cancer in the Middle East.

Mahak says it has supported nearly 15,000 patients so far mostly with the money that comes through donations and its charity boxes across Iran.

This year is Mahak’s 20th foundation anniversary. The institute started its task as a non-profit and non-governmental organization in 1991. Its 120-bed hospital started rendering free-of-charge service to less prosperous children with cancer in 2003.

Mahak’s website says that during the past two decades, the institute has been able to diminish the mortality rate of its patients from 75 percent to 25 percent.

Source: presstv.ir

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