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Ashura offensive operation (November 19th, 1980)

iranian soldiers, iran-iraq war

Conducting offensive operation particularly in the west of Iran in the early months of the enemy’s aggression was very difficult to be accomplished by Islamic Republic of Iran’s armed forces. Iranian forces had been able to halt the advances of Iraqi troops with a lot of difficulties and there was not yet a complete coordination between the army units as the major operating forces of the war on the one hand and the popular forces, not yet organized and void of any systematic structure, on the other. However, the public expected the armed forces to push back the enemy and bring the war to an end.

Accordingly, conduction of offensive operations and attacking Iraq was inevitable which finally ultimated in recapturing some parts of occupied lands or annihilation of the enemy.

Ashura operation planned and launched by army’s 81st armor division was on the basis of this notion. This operation started on November 19th, 1980 and lasted for three days, and didn’t Result in the seizure of any area.


Pre-determined objectives were not seized.

A battalion of enemy’s 29th brigade, two tank companies and the 4th battalion of 32nd brigade of Special Forces suffered damages up to 60-70 percent.


The book named: Atlas of Unforgettable Battles

Compilation: Staff Colonel Mojtaba Jafari

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