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Some Traditions on the Virtues of Imam Ali (A.S)

part 2


The first Muslim

It is an undisputed fact that Imam Ali was the first man to embrace Islam after the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Below are some of the references

Ibn Abi Shaybah and Ibn Asakir recorded on the authority of Salim Ibn Abi Jaad that he said: I asked of Muhammad Ibn Hanifah, "was Abu Bakr the first of the people to adopt Islam?" He replied: "No".

And Ibn Asakir on a reliable ascription from Muhammad Ibn Sa'd Ibn Abi Waqqas, that he said to his father Sa'd: "was Abu Bakr al-Siddeeq the first of you in embracing the faith?" He said: "No, for there were more than five people in faith before him"

Ibn Kathir says: "it is clear that Muhammad's family believed before every other - his wife Khadija, his freedman Zaid and the Wife of Zaid Umm Ayman and Ali and Warakah."

Sunni reference:

Tarikh al-Khulafaa, by Jalaluddin al-Suyuti, p33 (History of the Caliphs translated by Major Barrett)


It is also narrated that

Anas Ibn Malik said: "The Messenger was commissioned on Monday and Ali believed in him on Tuesday."

Sunni reference: al-Mustadrak, by al-Hakim, v3, p112


al-Hakim also narrated that:

Salman al-Farsi said that the Messenger of God said: "The first one of you to drink from the Basin on the Day of Judgment is your first Muslim, Ali, the son of Abu Talib."

Sunni reference: al-Mustadrak, by al-Hakim, v3, p112


Ibn Hisham recorded that:

Ali Ibn Abi Talib was the first male to believe in the Messenger of God and that he prayed with him while he was only ten years old.

Sunni reference: Biography of the Prophet, by Ibn Hisham, v1, p245


The famous Sunni Historian, al-Tabari also wrote:

The first three to offer prayers were Muhammad (PBUH) , Khadija and Ali (AS).

Sunni reference: History al-Tabari, v2, p65


Also Khateeb al-Baghdadi, in his book quotes Imam Ali that:

Ali said: "I was the first one to accept Islam at the hands of the Holy Prophet."

Sunni reference: Tarikh, by al-Khateeb al-Baghdadi, v4, p333

Source: shia.org

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