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Defensive operation at the foot of Karkheh bridge (October 31st, 1980)

iranian soldiers, iran-iraq war

Failing to achieve complete success in its attack in October, 1980, the 21st division of the IRI’s  army was deployed on the east of Karkheh River and some elements from Dezful 2nd brigade were stationed at the beachhead west of the river.

The retention of the occupied beachhead was quite important. Brave combatants of Iranian army not only did resist and repell relentless Iraqi attacks until the beginning of Fath-al-Mobin operation in 1982 but also expanded it through fearless operations. Following the reorganization and taking over the beachhead from 92nd armor division, Hamzeh 21st division took over the defensive responsibility of the area as well.

Speculating that damages inflicted on the division had weakened the capability of Iranian soldiers and that they could occupy the beachhead with one strike, they made necessary preparation to cross the river. The enemy began its heavy assault around midnight on October 31st, 1980 and continued it with concentrated artillery fire for 11 hours. Fortunately, because of hard resistance of Iranian forces, the enemy retreated suffering a lot of casualties and losses. As a result, the beachhead as retained and morale of the personnel was raised amazingly.


-About 800 Iraqi forces were either killed or injured and some of them including a battery commander were captured. -The beachhead on the west of the river was preserved and the enemy was forced to retreat. -5 guns and 10 tanks and personal carriers were destroyed.


The book named: Atlas of Unforgettable Battles

Compilation: Staff Colonel Mojtaba Jafari

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