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North of Abadan offensive, Defensive operation (ctober25th, 1980)

iranian soldiers, iran-iraq war

Iraqis could install a floating bridge on Karun River around Mared village inside Iran on October 11th, 1980 and advance towards Abadan - Ahwaz road while close combat was going on. After crossing the road they cut Abadan -Mahshahr axis. After occupying Mahshahr - Abadan intersection, the enemy headed to Bahmanshir River and tried to complete envelopment of Abadan.

Bravery and sacrifice of civil forces along with units of 77th division of the army led to reseizure of the beachhead from the enemy, forced them to retreat, and the enemy could never complete envelopment of Abadan.

To facilitate access to Abadan, it was necessary to recapture Mahshahr -Abadan road in the first place. Therefore, Arvand Headquarter responsible for the area notified its limited t units to carry out North of Abadan operational plan. Although optimum objectives weren’t achieved in this operation, reaching the enemy’s positions and imposing a lot of casualties and losses upon them raised morale of our forces and prepared the ground for the conduction of next operations.

Concurrent with this operation, Iraqis could put down last resistance in Khorramshahr and expand their occupation of positions next to the bridge.


- There was no report about Iraqis casualties.

- Predetermined objectives weren’t occupied.

- 5Iraqi tanks were destroyed.


The book named: Atlas of Unforgettable Battles

Compilation: Staff Colonel Mojtaba Jafari

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