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Offensive operation at the foot of Karkheh bridge (October 15th, 1980)

iranian soldiers

The events happened during the first days of war between Iran and Iraq in the area at the foot of Karkheh   Bridge inside Iran was quite important and had much to do with destiny of war.

Iranian forces employing 2nd brigade of 92nd armor division stopped Iraq in west bank of the river, not only didn’t they let the enemy cross the river, but also could they occupy a beach head in the west bank. Iranian military commanders had in mind to defeat the enemy as soon as possible and push them back to international borders. To meet this objective, offensive operation of October 15th, 1980 was planned and carried out by Hamzeh 21 st division of IRI army.

This division engaged with anti revolutionary elements in Kurdistan was immediately dispatched to the east of Karkheh River to stop the advance of the enemy towards Ahwaz –Andimeshk road.

Excessive pressure of the enemy in Khorramshahr area, their advance towards Karun River in Abadan area and extensive conflicts in Bostan and Susangerd areas made an operation   against Iraq inevitable. Therefore, the plan of 21st division to occupy Abusalibi Khat, Septon and Shavariyeh was carried out as soon as it was received from Forward Headquarter of the army. A PMP suspension bridge was immediately installed over the Karkheh River and at 7a.m on October 15th, 1980 the brave soldiers began their movement supported by tanks that were attacking Iraqi positions. This was the first extensive   and   coordinated Iranian military operation in less than one month after the beginning of war.

Major   General   Muhammad   Reza Ziaie suffered martyrdom during the operation.


- Although the first Iranian army extensive attack was not successful due to lack of enough information about the enemy and the haste in the operation, the valuable experience achieved was responsible for further victories.

Casualties and losses were imposed on the enemy .However; our units suffered a lot of losses as well.

Although the enemy's attack for crossing Karkheh River was imminent, the remainder of Iranian forces along with units of Dezful 2nd brigade acted to maintain the beachhead and their previous positions.

- Not only did this operation make Iraqis stop expanding their occupation. But also change their tactics from offence to defense and vice versa. - Raising offensive spirit among Iranian forces to attack the enemy was another advantage gained from this operation.



The book named: Atlas of Unforgettable Battles

Compilation: Staff Colonel Mojtaba Jafari

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