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Sumar defensive operations (September 27th, 1980)

iran-iraq war

Three basic axes were targeted by the Iraqi army from the west of Iran including respectively:

- Northern area from Qasr-e-Shirin, Sarpol -e-Zahab towards Islamabad.

- Middle area: Sumar and Naftshahr

 -Southern area: from Mehran toworards Ilam and Dehloran.

 These areas are thoroughly characterized by mountain ranges lying along the borderlines. Then, any military movement from the west to east or the opposite direction faces many difficulties. Iraqi units, therefore, were likely to be suppressed in the border heights and advance partially just through the axes enjoying communication roads between the Iranian cities.

The situation was the same in Sumar area since the Iraqi forces couldn’t seize any significant targets except for two small towns, Naftshahr and Sumar.

 Units of 2nd brigade from 81st armor division of the army were deployed in this area to counter the Iraqi invasion. Nevertheless, the remarkable superiority of the enemy gave it a chance to occupy the two cities along with some of the regional heights. One of the courageous pilots of army Aviation, major general Mansour Vatanpour, was martyred.


- Naftshahr, Sumar along with Darvan heights, western downhill of Mill Cheshmeh   (spring   in   English)   and Saratha heights were seized by the enemy.

- No accurate statistics from the casualties imposed on the enemy were released.

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