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Meimak and Mehran defensive operation (September 24th, 1980)

iran-iraq war

Since a long time ago, there has been discrepancy between Iran and Iraq over the local area of Meimak and based on the agreement reached in 1975, Iraqi government could obtain Iran’s acceptance as to the delivery of some of the heights, namely Seif Sa’ad in the area. This transfer did not take place until the victory of Islamic Revolution in Iran.

As for the specific geographical situation of Meimak height, it was of particular importance, and thus Iraq made a lot of efforts, from the beginning of its aggression against Iran, to capture these heights which were traded between Iranian and Iraqi forces for several times.

On September 24th, 1980, Iraqi forces employing 2nd infantry mountain division and 37th armor brigade and using envelopment operation launched their widespread assault through two axes from the regions of Tarsagh, Halaleh, Zorbatiyeh and Mehran toward Meimak, Konjancham. At the same time, the first brigade of the 81st armor division made an attack in Meimak region where a lot of heavy losses were inflicted on the enemy. In this battle, armor major Muhammad Abiri the commander of 217 tank battalion was granted martyrdom.


Due to unappropriate condition of Iranian forces particularly with regard to the volume of forces in the area which was restricted to the first brigade of 81st division and the then Khorramabad 84th brigade of I.R.I army, Iraqi forces in spite of undergoing heavy losses and casualties could take some part of Meimak area, although their advancement was blocked. Some part of Qalavizan heights and the city of Mehran were seized in this operation by Iraqi forces.


The book named: Atlas of Unforgettable Battles

Compilation: Staff Colonel Mojtaba Jafari

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