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Shush - Karkheh defensive operations (September 22nd, 1980)

iran-iraq war

In Sharahani, Einkhosh and the areas down the Karkheh Bridge (Sorkh-e-Naderi), in the southern fronts of I.R.I, one of the axes of the Iraqi invasion in the first day of the War, where only the 2nd armor brigade from 92th armor division bore the full responsibility for Countering the enemy. While Iraqi 17th &42nd armor and 24th mechanized brigades from the 10th armor division and 14th mechanized brigade from 9th armor division together with the independent 10th armor brigade launched their assaults from the axis so as to occupy Dezful and cross Andimeshk-Ahwaz road. Following the supports offered to the 2nd armor brigade, by the 37th and   138th task   forces and the aforementioned 7-day delaying actions and defensive operations against the enemy turned out to be successful.


The operating units of the Iranian 92nd armor division launched delaying actions in the west of Dezful and Shush and managed to halt the enemy’s 50 km advancement ranging from the borderline to the west bank of Karkheh river for six days and on the seventh day of the war some of the units withdrew to the east of the river, stopping the enemy in the west of the river and some of them tried to retain their positions in the west of the bridge so that they could force the enemy to withdraw. As a result, a large number of enemy’s soldiers were either killed or wounded and the enemy suffered heavy casualties.


The book named: Atlas of Unforgettable Battles

Compilation: Staff Colonel Mojtaba Jafari

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