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Analysis of the battles from September, 1980 to September, 1981

iran-iraq war

Subsequent to the widespread and formal assault by Iraq in September, 1980, borderlines of both countries stretching from south-east of Abadan to the north of Qasr-e-Shirin turned into a front for a heavy battle in which roaring of the guns, movement of the invader’s tanks converted the last days of peace into a bloody war.

Given these facts, the first year of the war can be classified into the following periodical stages:

-Resistance against the Iraqi invasion.

-Suppression of the enemy in disadvantageous positions.

-Reconnaissance of the enemy and deployment of the friendly forces so as to prevent further advancement of the enemy.

-Launching small-scale attacks by Iran in order to gain further spirits and reconnoitre the enemy.

-Making coordination among the civilian and Army forces.

-Limited liberation of the operational areas.

-Making preparation for expelling the enemy from the territories of the I.R of Iran.

These measures were taken under the circumstances in which both the military mechanisms and Iranian socio-political states were excessively disappointing.

Regardless of the negative measures such as Neqab (Means Mask) coupd’etat which had ruined revolutionary character of the Army personnel, the remaining Army officers and commanders, aware of the significance of the situation and collaborating with the civilian forces, courageously utilized all available facilities and offered no opportunities to the Iraqi forces so that they could fulfill any of their short and long term objectives.

Contrary to an apparently extensive nature of the measures taken in the first year, the Iranian internal political situation, events entailing the then president Banisadr’s topple and extensive terrorism July and September, 1981 plainly proved that the activities carried out were fundamental and thoughtful and their elongation looked natural.

The first year terminated at a time that nearly Iranian forces throughout the borders threw on to a constant defensive position encountering the Iraqi forces during which the Ground Force of the Army bore full responsibility for over 1000 kms of defensive lines. Throughout the first year, of war 164 defensive and offensive operations were carried out which are characterized by attempts made primarily by the Revolutionary gourd corps. Out of these operations, 38 of them have been analyzed in this Atlas.


The book named: Atlas of Unforgettable Battles

Compilation: Staff Colonel Mojtaba Jafari

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