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Yazid is not the Murderer of Imam Hussein (A.S): (Part 2)

dr. rajabi davani

Tebyan: Who was Abdullah Ibn Saba?

Dr. Rajabi Davani: Abdullah Ibn Saba became a Muslim in the era of Uthman’s caliphate. He became Imam Ali’s supporter. He persuaded the people of Egypt, Kufa and Basre to insurrect against Uthman. Tabari narrated that the people definitely satisfied with Uthman and his performance. This man (Abdullah Ibn Saba) came and caused people to rebel against Uthman with his rumours. It is appropriate to cast this question that: "Is it possible that an unknown person come and influences the people of Egypt, Kufa, and Basre, persuade everyone to become his followers and rebel against the caliphate?"

It is said that with the guidance of Abdullah Ibn Saba, they arrived at Medina, killed Uthman and with his advice went to Imam Ali (A.S) and made him the forth caliphate and regarded Abdullah Ibn Saba as the founder of the Shiite sect. In the course of the history the Ulema of the Shiite proposed the issue that Uthman’s performance caused the rebellion.

The Shiite has precedent from the prophet (PBUH) era. The prophet (PBUH) said:"يا علي انت وشيعتکهم الفائزون"

"O Ali, you and your followers the winners"

And Abdullah Ibn Saba’s activities don’t have anything to do with the Shiite and the first shiias. (The primary pillars) were Salman, Meghdad and Abuzar.

But in our era, Allameh Askari proved that Abdullah Ibn Saba is a forged being and doesn’t exist and it is made by Hadith forgers to assassinate the Shiite sect.

 And they say he believed that God had penetrated in Imam Ali (A.S) and lead a group of people to astray and Imam Ali (A.S) killed some of his followers and exiled himself. All of these are lies and also the story that Imam Ali (A.S) burnt a group of people who he thought they have penetrated in him is a lie, too. Allameh Askari rejects all these with his research and the interesting point is that Allameh wrote in Arabic and many of the Sunnite Ulamas admired his job, and wrote a laudatory text for the book of Abdullah Ibn Saba, because he revealed a case for lie which was stated in the books and prevented false thoughts. The professors of Al-Azhar and Algiers University wrote a laudatory text and reflected the depth of Allameh Askari’s researches.

Now they have turned something that was proved to be a lie into TV series and purified Mu’ awiya by saying he had a good relationship with Hassanein (A.S) and they were relatives and approved each other. Although we said that in their traditions it is stated too, that Caliphate is "haram" for Bani Umayye.

The aim of the producer of Al-Asbat is to make this gentle power of the Shiite in the audience’s mind without effect. That because Iran made Imam Ali (A.S) TV series. I witnessed that after Imam Ali’ s TV series; it was well received by the general Ulemas even in our country, and it was produced in the form of videos for the enthusiasts and even illegally imported to Pakistan and it had its own effect. Mokhtarnameh has had a global impact considering the present conditions. Therefore by broadcasting such an offensive movie, they went to show that the children of the prophet (PBUH) did not have any problem with the usurpers of the caliphate and they shared the same belief; and the event of Karbala was not concerned about Yazid, but it was concerned Ubaydullah Ibn Ziyadand and Umar Saad, and they are working in a scholarly way. We have a narration that when the caravan of Ahl-ul-Bayt was brought to Yazid, he announced himself exempted from Umar Saad and Ubaydullah’s action.

Tebyan: Is this subject mentioned in shiite’s document, too? 

 Dr. Rajabi Davani: yes, but when did Yazid his exemption? When he hit the blessed lips of Aba Abdullah with a stick and uttered such blasphemy speech: I wish my ancestors were alive and saw that I took revenge for the battle of Badr. He made this speech and then with the enlightment of Hazrat Zeinab and Imam Sajjad (A.S) the condition became against Yazid and after that Yazid held a ceremony for his victory but did not achieve his goal and the rostrum was at the Ahl-ul-Bayt’s disposal. Ahl-ul-Bayt’s speech was so important and impressive that Yazid was forced to say it is Prayer time and persuade people to pray. Many people didn’t follow Yazid in that prayer. The ceremony was against Yazid. In this condition he had to announce exemption.  

The production of this TV series is to prevent the revolutionary movement of the Shiite which changed the history. They felt that this gentle power of the Shiite has been presented in the form of the TV series produced in Islamic Republic and presented in the Hebrew regions, too. They consider these films to be effective. They used this kind of tool for neutralizing the impact and to seize the minds of the audience towards his gentle power.            

Translated by: Fahimeh Mahdavi

To be continued...

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