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Yazid is not the Murderer of Imam Hussein (A.S): (Part 1)

dr. muhammad hussein rajabi davani

Al-Asbat is a TV series which is produced in Kuwait recently and Imam Hassan (A.S) and Imam Hussein (A.S) feature has been displayed in it. This TV series has been broadcasted from the beginning of the blest month of Ramadhan. It has been attempted to purify Bani Umayyeh’s feature, and Abdullah Ibn saba has been introduced as the inducement of the difficulties between Bani Ummayeh and Ahl-ul-Bayt (the holy prophet household). Tebyan has had an interview with Dr. Muhammad Hussein Rajabi Davani, a faculty member of university, in this respect to find out the nature of Abdullah Ibn saba and to illustrate Muawiya’ s feature from the Sunnite recourses. This interview is presented in two parts:

Tebyan: A topic that we and the devotees to the Ahl-ul-Bayt are concerned about is the TV series of Al-Asbat, which has questioned the foundation of the Shiite sect. Tebyan site intends to establish a movement and criticize it. Please talk in this field.

Dr. Rajabi Davani:

I believe they are afraid of the gentle force of the Shiite, because the Shiite has gained a lofty status for its moral to militate against injustice and extreme arrogance and defending the truth.

 Our revolution which attempts to revive the pure thought of the Shiite and the school of Ahl-ul-Bayt (A.S) was expanding this attraction to the world of Islam. But the Arab’ s reaction and the Salafigari movement with west’ s support, which extremely felt danger for the real Islam was being revived, adopted a stance and tried to manifest the current Islam in Iran as a mere Iranian and Shiite sect which is against the Sunnite. Therefore they didn’t allow the call of this Islamic revolution and Ahl-ul-Bayt’s religion to be reflected appropriately to the Islamic society. They tried to prevent it for thirty days.

However, the Islam revived In Iran, procured a base for the revival of Islam in western countries. If you study the news and papers of before the revolution, you will find out that there was no Islamic move in Arabic countries. It was Akhawan al-muslimeen that was suppressed and repressed by Abdol Naser, the president of Egypet. They had executed seyyed  Gothb. All of them weren’t after power; they wanted to protect a religious thought in the Egypt society, in a way that it couldn’ t develop in other countries, too. In the societies a pan-Arabism movement was strengthened which we don’t even see such movements in Palestine. Only Yaser Arafat, who bore in mind Quds as a national symbol not the Qibla of Islam, was concerned about its freedom.

All this Islamic awakening which occurred in Arabic societies and the Islamism which occurred in Algeria and Maghreb and were suppressed, were affected by our revolution.

But they did not allow the Ahl-ul-Bayt religion to be reflected until the 33 days of war between Hezballah and the evil regime of Zionism. In that war, due to Hezballah being Arab and having the religion of Ahl-ul-Bayt, they could vanquish the humiliated Arab which was belittled for several years by the Zionism regime. An astonishing wave towards the Shiite sect was caused among the Arabs and in Egypt and Palestine (The Islamic Jihad of Palestine). All of them became Shiite and some from Hamas Became Shiite, too. Even Sheikh Gharzavi’s son in Egypt, influenced by Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, became Shiite too and followed the resistance (moghavemat) path.  There it was the gentle power of Shiite and the artistic work of Islamic Republic of Iran’s backing films such as Imam Ali (A.S), Imam Reza (A.S) and Mokhtarnameh which supported it.

Tebyan: Do you consider Mokhtarnameh successful?

Dr. Rajabi Davani: Yes, despite its weak points, Mokhtarnameh was relatively successful and according to some of our officials, showing this film has had a great role in the rising of Arabic movement especially in Bahrain. They saw that the Islamic Republic can produce its gentle power by means of artistic tools, so they started to react and began producing TV series and by making TV series such as Al-Asbat which is based on forged traditions and is formed by the enemity with the Shiite, they proposed that Shiite movement is due to the activities of a Jew who pretends to be a Muslim. 

Translated by: Fahimeh Mahdavi

To be continued...

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