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Ali’s Attraction: Secrets and Causes (Part 1)

imam ali (a.s)

What is the cause of Ali’s love and affection in hearts of men? The secret of love has not till today been discovered by anyone. It is not possible to evolve a formula saying that had it happened so this would have been the result and had it happened the other way that would have been the result. However, it has a secret. There is something in the beloved, which attracts the lover and is bewitching for him. The love and attraction in the foregoing chapters has been named as "Ishq". Ali no doubt is the beloved of and coveted by men. Why? And to what end? Why this is exceptional with Ali that he inspires love and allures the souls to himself. Why has he become a perpetual phase and why does he live to eternity? Why do the hearts feel that they are acquainted with him? Why did people not feel that he is dead and it is why that they find him alive?

Admittedly the object of love is not his body because he is not bodily present amongst us and we do not feel him as such. Moreover, love with Ali is not equivalent to hero-worship of all nations. It will be doubtful if we say love with Ali is sequel to love with his human and moral merits and that love with Ali is love with humanity. Doubtless, Ali is an embodiment of a perfect man. It is also correct that man loves great models of human virtue. But let Ali possess all these human merits, let him possess wisdom, knowledge, devotion, sacrifice, humility, decorum, kindness, affection, love for the weak, justice, freedom, independence, regard for humanity, selflessness, chivalry, bravery and kindness even towards his enemy; (and according to Maulvi: you are in chivalry, the Lion of Allah; We cannot define what you are in benevolence), generosity, benevolence, and all that Ali had let him have; if he would not have enjoyed the complexion of God, he would not have been so much captivating and inspiring as he is even today.

Ali is loved because he has connection with Divinity. He, imperceptibly, from the depths of our hearts attracts us towards the Truth and towards determination. And when we say Ali is one of the greatest signs of Allah, it is for the reason that we find in him the manifestation of Truth. Hence men’s love for him.

In fact what reinforces people’s love with Ali is the bondage of love of God hidden in their souls. As the souls are eternal, so is love for Ali. There are so many brilliant points in Ali’s personality, but what is always sublime and illuminating is his faith and sincerity, which has blessed him with Divine determination.

Source: A book named The Attraction and Repulsion of Ali (A.S)

By Mortaza Motahhari

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