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Fatimah Zahra (A.S) the Link between Prophethood and Imamat

part 1


Fatimah (A.S.) was the only woman connecting Prophethood and Imamate and was the link between the two. She was the daughter of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), the wife of the first Imam (A.S.) and the mother of the rest of the Imams (A.S.) who descended from her and her husband Ali (A.S.). Allah singled her out with this virtue and peculiarity because she was the most perfect and highest example in purity, sanctity, worship, asceticism and morals.



According to some Qur"an commentaries (tafsir), when the Quraysh (tribe) said that the Prophet (PBUH) had no offspring, the chapter of al-Kawthar was revealed: "Verily We have given thee the Kawthar (Abundance). So pray thou unto thy Lord! And offer sacrifice. Verily, thy enemy shall be the one cut off (in his progeny)." (Qur"an 108:1-3)

"We have given you al-Kawthar" means we have given you the abundant good, which shall last throughout your life and after it; therefore, turn your face unto your Lord in prayer, as mention of your name shall never end and your offspring shall never perish; it is those standing against you who are more deserving of this description.


This revelation was given against the backdrop of the pronouncements by some of the Quraysh"s most scurrilous men - such as al-"As bin Wa"il, Abu Jahl, "Uqbah bin Abi Mu"ayt and Ka"b bin al-Ashraf - that the Prophet (PBUH) was cut off from male children, after the death of his son al-Qasim. Hence, it is clear that the abundant good - al-Kawthar - was pointing to the abundant offspring which the Prophet (PBUH) would have through his daughter Fatimah (A.S.), and that this was a reply to those people and their effort to weaken the Prophet"s spirits.

Supporting our interpretation, al-Tabataba"i, in al-Mizan commentary, said: "Without that, the words "Verily, thy enemy shall be the one cut off" would be useless."

to be continued ...

Source: alhassanain.com


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