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  • 7/27/2011

Morocco plane crash claims 80 lives

morocco plane

A Moroccan military aircraft has crashed in the African country’s south, killing all 80 people on board, hospital and military sources say.

According to AFP, citing a statement by the Moroccan military, the plane slammed into a mountain while trying to land in a military airport near the town of Guelmim, just north of the Western Sahara territory.

In its statement, the Moroccan army primarily put the number of those killed in the crash at 78, saying that two people were injured and were rushed to hospital.

Later, a hospital source said that the injured died of their wounds.

It is not exactly clear what caused the accident. Some reports, however, blame bad weather conditions for the crash.

A Moroccan interior ministry official said: "Above all, it was the fog and bad weather conditions that are believed to be behind this accident. But for the moment, we don’t have enough information."

Source: irib.ir

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