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The Position of the Majlis

irans majlis

The Majlis is the pillar of our government and the house of the people, and it is an accomplishment of the country and our revolutionary government. The Majlis can reveal our Islamic and national grandeur to the world, and it can help promote public interests. It can protect national security. It can help form a firm barrier against the enemies' aggression and the foreigners' greed. It is the manifestation of the people's will and votes and a means of their decisive involvement in electing those who are supposed to manage the country's affairs and in passing laws that determine the general orientation of the country. As our Imam said, the Majlis is the essence of the nation's virtues. In the Islamic government, the Majlis has a real role in running the country, and proper fulfilment of this role has a deep and decisive influence on the fate and the main orientation of the country. The Islamic Consultative Assembly is the fundamental organ whose stance, decisions and correct, wise and incisive movement will have a critical role in continuing the path of the Revolution and Imam Khomeini. The Islamic Consultative Assembly is, in a way, the most important and the most influential legislative organ in the country. It must also be a fundamental and key center for the Revolution, which must be a firm stronghold for Islam and the Revolution. A good parliament is the key to appropriate actions in a country.

A good parliament will result in a good administration, and through appropriate laws and constant observation, it will lead the Executive Branch towards the right goals that have been set for the country.

The Majlis: The Symbol of Religious Democracy

This Majlis is the manifestation of religious democracy. It is both consultative and Islamic. It is both elected by the people and has an Islamic orientation, which is manifest in various constitutional articles and in the oath the candidates take. This is an unparalleled model.

The Majlis: The Symbol of Steadfastness and Power

The Islamic Consultative Assembly is the manifestation of national unity and solidarity among all parties and ethnic groups with various tastes and beliefs. It is the hope of the government, and it is the manifestation of the nation's power and will.

The Majlis is one of the most magnificent manifestations of the Iranian nation's unity. The Majlis must be the concrete manifestation of national power, national grandeur, insistence on financial benefits and fighting with the global and international domineering powers.

Source: khamenei.ir

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