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  • 7/26/2011

Norway terror suspect pleads not guilty

the norwegian terrorist anders behring breivik

The Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik has pleaded “not guilty” to charges brought against him despite confessing to being behind the recent terrorist attacks in Norway.

On his hearing session on Monday, Breivik, who says he sought to send a strong signal with the attacks that killed 68 Norwegians on July 22, entered a plea of “not guilty.

He claimed that he had carried out the attacks to save Europe from what he called the “Islamization” of the continent, the Norwegian daily Aftenposten reported.

Moreover, Breivik claimed how there are two more cells in his organization.

The judge, however, ordered him to be detained for at least eight weeks as he has been charged with acts of terrorism.

He will in the first four weeks be kept in solitary confinement, without the right to have visitors or write letters.

At the request of the police the hearing was closed to the public as it was believed that Brievik hoped to use the hearing to explain his anti-Muslim and anti-immigration stance to Norwegian citizens.

"It is clear that there is concrete information that a public hearing with the suspect present could quickly lead to an extraordinary and very difficult situation in terms of the investigation and security," Judge Kim Heer said in a statement today.

According to his “manifesto,” a 1,500-page handbook he emailed to some 5,700 people just hours before the twin attacks, he wished to use the killings as an opportunity of “marketing” his extremist views.

The manifesto further said the attacks were meant to start a revolution to inspire all Norwegians in retaking their country from immigrants.

Source: presstv.ir

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