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  • 3/14/2012

The Supreme Leader's View of the Majlis

ayatollah khamenie

The Majlis truly enjoys a prominent position in our government. It is the house of the nation and, as our magnanimous Imam said, it is the essence of the nation's virtues and is in charge of all affairs. The Majlis is the manifestation of our national grandeur. It can reveal our national and Islamic grandeur to the world. It helps promote our public interests. It is the laws made at the Majlis that prepares the ground for the officials to progress. In fact the Majlis is one of the greatest, most important and most critical paths that the Islamic order must pass in order to achieve its goals. The Islamic Consultative Assembly enjoys such a position.

Our magnanimous Imam Khomeini (r.a) always used to emphasize the importance of massive turnout in all elections held from the beginning of the Islamic Revolution to the time when His Eminence passed away. If people take part in the elections and insightfully elect qualified candidates with open eyes and vote them into the Majlis, the Majlis will be able to fulfill this great role.

It is a fact that in an Islamic community the people's will and votes has and must have a fundamental and decisive role in the general orientation and behavior of the government, which is a prop for the Revolution and the country.

Source: khamenei.ir

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