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Rivers, springs and Water Treatment Centers, Hormozgan

mehran river

The Province of Hormozgan is situated in the south western most sector of the Zagross Mountain Range and is devoid of a permanent reserve of snow. A major portion of the water of the rivers evaporates due to the heat and after flowing for a short distance, it dries up. Whereas a number of other rivers flow through the coastal salt marshes and gypsum plains and finally flow into the Persian Gulf.

Mehran River, Bandar Lengeh

This river takes its source in the southern portion of the Haft Chen Mountains, 15 km. north east of Bandar Alaviyeh. The river flows from west to east, and to the east of Bandar Lengeh seeps into the sands. The same re-appears and in the vicinity of Khuran flows into the Persian Gulf.

Minab River, Minab

This river is formed by adjoining of two rivers of Roudan and Joqeen. These two rivers meet near the village of Borjegan, 25 km. south east of Minab city. The Minab Dam is located on this river, and is 2 km. east of Minab. This dam alongside its lake forms a reserve of water for the verdant surroundings which is also an interesting tourist spot.

Other Rivers, Hormozgan

Other rivers of the province are, Shoor, Shameel, Jalabi, Jegeen, Maza'ie and Gaz.

 Springs and Water Treatment Centers

Mineral water has always been a source of attraction and especially so to do with tourist activities. In land surveys and studies, Hormozgan Province is said to be relatively rich in such resources. The followings are worth mentioning:

Genoo Thermal Spring, Bandar Abbas

This spring is situated at a distance of 34 km. northeast of Bandar Abbas and alongside the Bandar Abbas - Sirjan Road. The water from this spring which is calcium sulfuric in nature is used for irrigating the palm groves or plantations and also for bathing purposes. This spring is equipped with two segregated pools for ladies and gents.

Hadji Abad Thermal Spring, Hadji Abad

The said spring is located on Bandar Abbas - Hadji Abad Road and is approximately 30 km. east of Hadji Abad, nestling in the skirts of the mountains. The water of this spring is of a sulfuric type.

Khorgoo Thermal Spring, Bandar Abbas

These three springs are located approximately 60 km. to the northeast of Bandar Abbas, and is accessible from the branch road running between Bandar Abbas to Sirjan. The first spring lies at a distance of about 28 km. from this point. The second spring is 1 km. to the east of the first. From Bandar Abbas to the fork of Khorgoo is a distance of 30 km. from where approximately another 20 km. is the site of the third spring. The water of the first two springs is sulfuric in nature.

Lashtan Thermal Spring, Bandar Khamir

This spring lies at a distance of 7 km. east of Bandar Khamir city. The vicinity has two pools and also twelve rooms to accommodate passengers free of charge.

Other springs and Water Treatment Centers, Hormozgan

Other such springs are: Chah Ahmad and the thermal spring of Sayeh Khosh on the Bandar Khamir - Bandar Lengeh Road; the thermal springs of Badun and Ask on Bandar Lengeh - Gazil Village Road; the thermal spring of Malaieji on Bandar Lengeh - Bandar Kang Road; the Charak Thermal Spring on Bandar Lengeh - Gav Bandi Road; the Fotuhiyeh Thermal Spring on the Bestak - Lar Road; the Todoluyeh Thermal Spring on Bandar Abbas - Lar Road; the Bari Thermal Spring on Khorgoo - Sorkhan Road; the Sorkhan Thermal Spring on Khorgoo - Sorkhan branch Road; the Kashkoo Thermal Spring on Bandar Abbas - Kashkoo Road; the Nian Thermal Spring 3 km. from Nian village; and the thermal springs of Deh-e-Sheikh and Chestaneh near the village of Khoon Sorkh.

Source: chnpress.com

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