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Museums, Fars province

afif abad military museum, shiraz

Afif Abad Military Museum, Shiraz 

The Golshan garden, also known as Afif Abad Garden has a beautiful building that was converted to a museum in 1988. This museum has a collection of military artifacts in the ground floor and on first floor there are beautiful reception halls and rooms decorated with paintings, which are worth seeing.

Narenjestan Museum, Shiraz 

Built in 1881, this magnificent building located in a beautiful citrus garden which dates back to the Qajar period. It was restored in 1967. This museum contains some of the objects which date back to 3000 years ago.

Furthermore, it’s photographic and slide archives on ancient monuments of Iran are considered to be one of the best in the country.

Natural History and Technology Museum, Shiraz 

This museum is a new double storied building which consists of two sections. The natural history section was inaugurated in 1974 and the technology section was inaugurated in 1986. by the Shiraz University.

Pars Museum, Shiraz 

The Kolah Farangi pavilion located in the midst of the Nazar Garden in Shiraz was converted to a museum in 1852 and was restored in 1901.

pars museum, shiraz

In this museum eleven paintings by Aqa Sadeq, a well known artist of that time, is on display. The building is composed of a central hall with a dome and four alcoves. In the eastern side, Karim Khan Zand was originally buried. Valuable objects can also be seen in this museum.

Persepolis Museum, Marvdasht 

It is situated in the Khashayar Shah’s Harem. It was inaugurated in 1938 under the name of Takht-e-Jamshid (Persepolis). In this museum objects from the pre-historic, Achaemenian and Islamic periods are all collected in three different sections and are on exhibit.

Shah Cheraq Museum, Shiraz 

Inaugurated in 1966 in the main court of Shah Cheragh, this museum has many valuable Qorans and calligraphy as well as ancient objects.

Shohada Museum, Shiraz 

The museum building consists of two stories. In ground floor, there is a permanent exhibition museum which consists of paintings and calligraphy of contemporary artists and poets and shohadas (martyrs). In the first floor there is a temporary exhibition museum which consists of paintings and calligraphy of art students.

inside narenjestan museum, shiraz

 Source: chnpress.com

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