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Jamshidieh Park, The First Rock Garden in Iran

jamshidieh park

Located in Niavaran distict, at the foot of Kolak Chal Mountain, the Jamshidieh Park occupies an area of about 120,000 sqm. It was created from an old, private orchard, with the intention of providing a public park for the residents of Tehran and featuring the characteristics of traditional Persian gardens.

Natural environment, fresh air, beautiful ponds and old trees are among its unique features. In designing the park’s landscape, all efforts were made to keep the scenic, natural environment untouched.  To end this extensive use has been made of various mountain rocks. Dark-green colored local stone from the mountains was used for paving, for the fountain basins and retaining walls, and for the water channels and waterfalls. A softer, light-colored stone was used for the sculptures, although some are also crafted in steel. In fact this is the first rock garden in Iran.

The park owes it beauty mainly to its 15,900tress, mostly acacia. The oldest ones are elm, ash and plane tress. In the colorful flower garden area of the park one can see various species of roses, Japanese quinces, violets, marguerites, petunias, and many others. The stone garden’s main waterfall and pond are central to the garden’s design; the walk paths accommodate a network of small and narrow channels that bring water from the pond to the lower areas of the park, creating smaller water features.

jamshidieh park

There are numerous restaurants, traditional teahouses (houses of culture which represent the diversity of Iran’ s ethnic and tribal heritage), picnic areas, and hiking trails from the lower area of the park all the way up to the top of the mountain. There is also a classically designed open air amphitheatre.

Taken from:

A book named:  A travel Guide to Iran by M T Faramrzi


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