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John, Joe & Jack


John, Joe and Jack were stranded on an island for several years. One day John found a Lamp on the beach so he picked it up and took it to show his two friends. As he started to hand it to Joe, John noticed it was dirty and he rubbed the dirt off.

Suddenly there appeared a Genie, who said, "I’ve been in that lamp for centuries so I will grant you each one wish for releasing me."

John said he was in the oil business in Texas and had a big beautiful ranch. He wished he could be back on his ranch. POOF! John was gone. 

Joe said he wished he could be a millionaire on a cruise ship. POOF! Joe was gone too.

The Genie then turned to Jack and asked, "What is your wish?" After thinking for several minutes, Jack just couldn’t make up his mind. He suddenly blurted out, "I wish John and Joe were here to help me decide."

POOF!!!  John and Joe were back!!!

Source: danggoodjokes.com

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