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Museums, Tribal Areas and Special Villages, Golestan


Gorgan Museum, Gorgan

This museum is situated in center of the city and on the west side of Imamzadeh Abdollah. It was completed in 1976 and has two floors and a basement. Objects and Anthropology views are exhibited in the basement. Ancient objects from Toorang Tappeh, Noor (Behshahr) and Gorgan are on display on the second floor. In external and open area of the museum which is adorned with semi-cylindrical coverings, there are ancient tombstones collected through the years of excavations from cemeteries, with their renovated design and texts, on display.

Tribal Areas and Special Villages

Ashoora Deh Village, Bandar Turkaman

Ashora Deh (Ashorada or Ashour Island) is a part of Bandar Turkaman and one of the beautiful places of Golestan Province situated 25 kilometer from Gorgan. Ashora Deh is an island with damp and moderate climate and is a suitable place for wildlife (when the water of the Caspian Sea ebbs, it turns into a peninsula). The export of caviar, the jetty of the Bandar Turkaman and other facilities are attractions of this area.

Radkan Village, Kord Kooy

The Radkan Village is situated 15 km. to the south of Kord Kooy and has a damp and moderate climate. The Radkan River takes its source in Haq Ali and Abshar mountains which is 2 km. south of the village and flows into the Necka River. The "Zarsh Khali" Mountain is situated in the south of the village and "Jen Dareh" Mountain is at the west of village.

The landscape of the rivers, mountains, valleys, plants, wildlife, mosque, and the old Husseiniyeh of Radkan are the most important natural and historical relics of the village.

Ziyarat Village, Gorgan

The Ziyarat Village is situated at the distance of 12 km. to the south of Gorgan and has damp climate. The Ziyarat River crosses this village in east. The Poshteh Kamar and Sefidab Mountains are situated in the northwest and Khaloudareh is to the east of this village. These rivers, mountains, valleys, plants and wildlife are attractive and offer natural views around this village and the old mosque and Imamzadeh Abdollah are the religious sites of this place.

Source: chnpress.com

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