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Lakes, Rivers, springs, Waterfalls, Ilam


Siyah Gav Binary Lake, Abdanan

This lake is located 8 kilometers from Sarab Baq in Abdanan. It is surrounded by plains and not very high mountains. It has beautiful landscape in spring and autumn which is worth seeing.


Ab-e-Aseman Abad River, Ilam

This river originates from springs and watersheds around Aseman village 35 kilometers of northwestern Ilam. It flows among the Qalajeh and Kotehpifak Mountains towards the southeast of the province. After irrigating many villages, it enters the southern valley of Kooh Piran and after joining the Chenarach River, the Chardavol River is formed. It is 50 kilometers long with verdant and beautiful banks.

Changooleh River, Mehran

This river is formed after the confluence of Tang Khashoul and Tang Korto rivers 53 kilometers east of Mehran and flows southward. It enters Iraq 80 kilometers northwest of Dehloran and finally joins the Tigris River.

Konjan Cham River, Ilam

Konjan Cham River originates from the outskirts of surrounding heights and after joining with other streams enters to Mehran through a narrow valley and finally flows to Iraq. It is 90 kilometers long in Iran.

Peer Muhammad River, Mehran

This river, which is also called, Galan Peer Mohammad, is formed by the joining of Kalkola and Palshak Ab Rivers 41 kilometers far from Mehran. It flows through several highlands and forms a high waterfall. Then, it joins the Gozah River in the Peer Mohammad Village that tends to the formation of Gari River. This river is 6 kilometers long and is 1,000 meters above sea level.

Seimareh River, Dareh Shahr

This long and large river, which is called Karkheh in the lower part, flows through the eastern margin of the province. Its main streams are Gamasiab, Qara Sou, Chenareh, Kashkan and another stream that originates from Kamyaran and Mahidash heights. Talkhab River, Ilam It originates from springs of surrounding highlands and finally flows to Iraq 61 kilometers from Ilam. The length of this river in Iran is 43 kilometers.

Other Rivers, Ilam

Other rivers of the province are: Sourak, Shirvan, Kazab, Kalal Rood, Hezar Khani, Guilan Gourkeh, Chiqa Chelam, Abaftab, Abchika, Abzangavan, Tang-Grav, Jazman Rood, Chardavol, Chovar, Khosh and Sedeh in Ilam; Abdanan, Abdareh Chekeh, Absarkadeh, Abmurmury, Qara Tappeh, Galal Chineh, Nasrian, Abtakhtan, Abchalat, Absivel, Abfath, Hazoozan, Fossil, Dowirij, Malhazeri, Varazan, Gouran, etc. in Dehloran; Abregzah, Palashkab, Abkonat, Abtimeh, Tashmourt, Talkhab, Tangkhashoul, Kalkola, Goldar Khosh, Siyahab, etc. in Mehran.


Dehloran Thermal Spring, Dehloran

This thermal spring is located 3 kilometers from Dehloran with sulphurous water. It is also used by local people as well as tourists.


Ab Taf Waterfalls, Dehloran

It is located around Dehloran with eye-catching landscape worth seeing.

Cham Aava Waterfalls, Ilam

Located 18 kilometers from Ilam on the Ilam - Saleh Abad Road between Chamaw village and Marbereh region, this high waterfall is formed between rocks and flows down. Finally, it ends at the Godar Khosh River after a short distance.

Sarataf Waterfalls, Ilam

Located in Ilam Township, the Sartaff waterfall is one of the public promenades with a verdant environment.

Source: chnpress.com

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