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Old Mosques, Mausoleums and Imamzadehs, Ilam


Vali Mosque, Ilam

The people of the present Province of Ilam were nomads with tribal decamping life style thus no city in true sense has arisen. Therefore, most of the Jame' Mosques of the province have been constructed in recent century. Vali Mosque of Ilam may be considered as one of the oldest in the province with 90 years of antiquity. It was constructed by the order of Ilam Vali (Governor) and is named after him.

Other Mosques, Ilam Province

In recent years, some of the most important mosques of this province have been renovated. Among the most important mosques of the province these can be pointed out:

Ilam Jame' Mosque adjacent to the Ilam Koodak Park, Mehran Jame' mosque in Janbazan Boulevard, Qamar Bani Hashem Mosque in Imamzadeh Seyed Hassan Boulevard, Saheb-ol-Zaman Mosque (place of pilgrimage) in Ilam, Saleh Abad Jame' Mosque, Aivan Jame' Mosque and Dehloran Jame' Mosque.

Mausoleums and Imamzadehs

Baba Seifedin Mausoleum, Dareh Shahr

Baba Seifedin Mausoleum in located in the north east of Dareh Shahr in the outskirts of a hill known as Chahar Taq. There are two tombs in the mausoleum without any description on the tombstones. There is a small inscription on the top of the entrance door which indicates the date of its repair. The materials of the building are stone, gypsum and brick. There are several trees around the mausoleum which are hundreds of years old.

Imamzadeh Ali Saleh Pilgrimage, Mehran

Imamzadeh Ali Saleh (PBUH) was a coeval of Imam Mussa Kazem (PBUH) and was martyred in Saleh Abad. In the Mongol period, a small memorial building was constructed there, which was reconstructed again in the Qajar period, and was completely renovated after the Islamic revolution. The tombs of the martyrs of Iraq imposed war are close to it.

Imamzadeh Saleh, Dareh Shahr

This Imamzadeh is located in Majeen Graveyard around Dareh Shahr. This quadrangular and two storey building has a pyramid shaped dome. The main tomb is located in the first floor which is totally made up of brick with a herringbone arch. In the second floor, there is a tomb covered with stone, gypsum and earthenware. Its antiquity dates back to the 8th century A.H. and needs some repair. Interior plaster works of the Imamzadeh are unique and counted as worthy vestiges of this period.

Imamzadeh Seyed Ebrahim, Dehloran

Imamzadeh Seyed Ebrahim (PBUH) is one of the grandsons of Imam Baqer (PBUH) located 7 kilometers far from Zarrin Abad. The same belongs to the Saljuqii period and is geometrically designed in a special form. There is his sister's tomb (Bibi Zaynab) which is a place of pilgrimage close to this Imamzadeh. Its old dome was redecorated with brick in 1994.

Imamzadeh Seyed Muhammad Abed (Peer Mohammad), Mehran

This Imamzadeh, which is locally known as Peer Mohammad, is located in Gonbad Village. The said is the son of Imam Musa Kazem (PBUH) and the brother of Imam Reza (PBUH) and is one of the important places of pilgrimage of the province.

Jaber Mausoleum, Dareh Shahr

The same resembles the Shrine of Daniel the Prophet in Susa with a northern entrance. It is 15 m. long and 9 m. wide with 8 pillars. There is an adytum in its southern wall which is 180 cm. high. At the lower part there is an inscription with plaster work and adorned with floral design and sacred verses. This mausoleum is one of the important places of pilgrimage in Dareh Shahr.

Other Imamzadehs and Mausoleums, Ilam

Other Imamzadehs of the province are: Seyed Akbar 10 kilometers far from Dehloran, Seyed Hassan on the Mehran - Dehloran Road, Seyed Ebrahim Qatal Pilgrimage site on the border road of Mehran, Abbas Pilgrimage in Dehloran, Seyed Fakhredin Pilgrimage site close to Abtaf Waterfall, Jaber Ansari Pilgrimage site in Dareh Shahr, Seyed Salaheddin Mohammad in Abdanan, Abbas Pilgrimage site in Shirvan-Chardavol, Baqer Pilgrimage site in upper Shirvan and Chardavol, Seyed Abdollah Pilgrimage place near Sarab Aivan, Haji Hazer Pilgrimage place in Aivan and Madar Zoleykha Pilgrimage in Dareh Shahr.

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