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Historical Bridges, Historical Graveyards, Mills, Ilam

gavmishan bridge, dareh shahr

Gavmishan Bridge, Dareh Shahr

This Sassanid Bridge has been constructed in the confluence of the Seimareh and Kashkan Rivers. Although it has been repaired several times during the past, it is almost in a ruined state now.

Jam Namesht Bridge, Dareh Shahr

This bridge of 18 arches has been constructed on the Seimareh River 4 kilometers north of Dareh Shahr opposite the Chamkalan Village. The antiquity of this bridge dates back to the Sassanid period, but it was used till later centuries. The bridge is directly connected to the remains of the Sassanid monuments in Dareh Shahr.

Keroeat (Boy and Girl) Bridge, Shirvan-Chardavol

This Sassanid bridge located in the Chashmbur Village and registered by The Cultural Heritage Organization.

Sassanid Bridge, Dareh Shahr

Located in the south of Dareh Shahr in the beginning of a gorge with the same name on the outskirts of Kabir Kooh, this 3 arches bridge of has been recently repaired. Each of its arches is placed at an interval distance of 5.5 meters from each other.

Historical Graveyards

Chenar Graveyard, Ilam   

Located in the Chenarbash region of Ilam, this historical graveyard belongs to the 1st millennium B.C. Some graves have been discovered there, where the dead were buried in small and large earthenware jars with their belongings according to their traditions.

Kan-e-Gonbad Graveyard, Ilam

This graveyard is located 30 kilometers southeast of Ilam on the outskirts of Shah Nakhjir Mountain one of the extensions of Kabir Kooh. Archaeological studies indicate that the discovered vestiges belong to 2500-2600 B.C. and 4600-4500 B.C.

Pelkeh Kan Graveyard, Shirvan-Chardavol

This graveyard is located in the historical area of Halilan. There are several graves in this area which have been illegally excavated and vestiges stolen.


Historical Wells, Ilam

Historical qanats or subterranean canals are scattered all around the province. The existence of these qanats is indicative of special water supply systems in the past. Although these qanatas have lost their main function during the last centuries and some of them have been destroyed, but presently they are accounted as old monuments of the province which are worth seeing.

These old qanats are: Koorgeh and Jenar, Bibi, in the city of Ilam, Azluvar in the Ilam - Chalsera Road, Sarawatash, Falahati, Namdanan, Bilvar, Qamesh, Kalag, Galan, Vali Abad, Aseman Abad, Sarab Eyvan, and Amir Abad.

Old Water Mills, Ilam

There are the remains of several water mills all over the province some of which are being operated now. The most important historical mills are Qoba, Kazem Bege Tanour, Kolai, Chegavazneh, and several other mills.

Source: chnpress.com

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